Defining Service

since 1952



Southeastern Oil has been serving the southeast for over 60 years.  In the early years SEOil sold tires and small parts to local auto shops. As the need for bulk oil products grew, so did we. Quickly expanding our operations into the delivery and transportation of bulk oil and fuel products, we became one of the highest volume distributors in our area. SEOil has moved on from the lubrication business and we solely focus on the distribution of fuels. Currently our coverage area includes South Alabama, the panhandle of Florida and Southwest Georgia. We strive to provide our customers with prompt, friendly service at competitive pricing.

Convenience Store Location

Dothan Locations:

  • West Main Spirit (All Grades Non-Ethanol Gasoline & Diesel)                           
        1486 W. Main St.  Dothan, AL 36301  
        Phone : (334)793-7459    
  • Westside Liberty (All Grades Non-Ethanol Gasoline & Diesel)

                 2574 Ross Clark Cir.  Dothan, AL 36301

                 Open 24/7. (unattended station)

  • Fuel 24 (87 E10 & Non-ethanol & Diesel)

                 200 Ross Clark Cir.  Dothan, AL 36301

                 Open 24/7. (unattended station)

  • Honeysuckle Spirit (All Grades E10 Gasoline)

                 653 Honeysuckle Rd.  Dothan, AL 36301

                 Phone : (334)702-4463    

  • Murphy Mill Convenience (All Grades E10 Gasoline & Diesel)

                 4279 Montgomery Hwy.  Dothan, AL 36303

                 Phone : (334)712-9890    

Other locations:

  • Headland Liberty (All Grades E10 Gasoline & Diesel)

                 300 Main St.  Headland, AL 36345

                 Phone : (334)693-3063    

If you have any questions regarding our Fuel 24 Fleet Cards, please contact Stan West, 334-258-7163.